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Buying goods with money from bank accounts

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Buying goods with money from bank accounts

Bank accounts are to some extent more accessible to carders - there are entire sections on hacking of bank accounts on the carding forums and on where to apply them afterwards. However, bank accounts cannot be used in a clothing carding - which is their main disadvantage for most of the carders, because most of them work in clothing carding.

In this article we will explain why bank accounts cannot be used and how they can still be used for clothing carding.

Why is hard to use them?

Bank accounts are not designed for payment on websites. Bank cards in this case are a payment instrument that is tied to the account and allows payments to be made in real life or on the Internet.

Bank accounts in this case are simply not designed for payment on the Internet. They are intended for work with funds and money transfers. Most banks do not have any possibility of direct payment through bank accounts. However, there are ways.

How to use accounts to pay for goods in the store?

One way is to invoice by the settlement account. The method is extremely cumbersome and requires you to know this account and use an inactive account. Although, with some certainty, it is fairly reliable, albeit extremely slow. Unfortunately, shops only handle settlement accounts for large orders from legal entities or individual entrepreneurs, although the data are not checked.

The main problem is that in some banks, the bank requires a confirmation call. However, if you know the data - contact the bank yourself and order e-card an instant .

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