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50% daily from Amazon and paxful continuation

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As promised earlier I would be releasing a setup that is user friendly to all both noobs and pros enjoy and never broke again (nba )

No carding required
No opsec required ( unless using a dammy account)

*A paxful account
*An ipayou.io account
*An Amazon account with history or ( a disposable hacked or dammy account verified with cc is best, got email and cc to verify if can't get one)
*Some btc to start with( min $25) we will be using $100 for example you can use upto $1000

Steps (simple setup)

- create a paxful account and confirm it..email and phone at least..

~ then load some btc to your paxful account eg $100
~option 1.-

√Go to sell btc in exchange for Amazon GC.
(There are many offers to sell for discount upto 90% discount..will use 70% discount per dollar ie for 100 bitcoin you will get 170 worth in Amazon Giftcards)
√Redeem the card in your Amazon account..you will have 170 in Amazon balance..
(At this point some may decide to use the balance to order and ship goods..)

~Option 2. This is for carders pm for more can get up to 200% or more..

-go to ipayou and create account and login.
Nb ipayou pays you around 80-85% of the value of Giftcards you send to them via an Amazon account..they pay in btc

~check the type of gc they want to exchange for btc eg Amazon, adidas, Best buy etc..click on it you will be redirected to login to Amazon account to purchase it..
~login in to your Amazon account ( dammy, hacked account or old account) use the gift card balance to buy the giftcard and send to ipayou..
~ipayou will send 85% of the value eg 85% of 170(the balance) = $145 in btc will be sent to your btc address that is 45% profit in btc..
( At this point you can keep the btc, rinse and recycle the process or add an extra paypal setup to maximise on the profits and cashout up to 50% on the btc ie 145 at 50% = 217 this is $117 profit instead of $45 from 100 investment)

-brains: final step rinse and repeat be innovative..

Very important note:

Amazon blocks accounts if you are solely buying Giftcards using gift card balance so better buy some stuff online with the balance once in a while..or create a dammy or hacked account for this setup..(got some accounts & can create disposable dammy account on order and have cc to attach and verify pm)

There is a video of the entire setup cycle, upon order covers:
setting up offers and trading on paxful
To how to redeem gift cards
To using and getting paid by ipayyou.io

Lastly there is sister setup to this that, uses PayPal and garantees 50% per TRANSACTION, this is not free, only needs a PayPal account and some basic opsec that I will coach via live chat support..pm for more

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This is lenghly but very very powerful testimony and method.Thanks a lot for sharing this great idea to the community.Indeed its NBA

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I did try to make it as short as I could and still try to be as clear as possible..I appreciate it mate..

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