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Finding Non VBV/MCSC BINs

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Hello, today I am going to share a method for finding Non VBV/MCSC BINs on your own. This is not really new information, I am mostly just linking you to useful tools.

1. Find a BIN- You can use https://www.elfqrin.com/credit_card_bin_generator.php to generate BINs from selected countries, card types, and issuing banks. Alternatively, you can google/duckduckgo Non VBV/MCSC bin lists for the current year, but they are not always legit so you must check it before buying a card.

2. Generating a Card Number- Use https://www.elfqrin.com/discard_credit_card_generator.php to generate a random card number with your selected BIN; you can generate as many as you wish. Enter the BIN and be sure to format it correctly, then click generate. It will provide random card numbers.

3. Check for VBV/MCSC- Copy a card number generated in step two and go to https://electronicpromo.ru/vbv/ Click the box that says check. If it returns a message in red text that says No Pass VBV/MCSC (depending on the card type, then it is non VBV/MCSC. If it returns a message in green text that says Pass VBV/MCSC, then it is VBV/MCSC protected. Occasionally it will return a link that says Unknown; the link will redirect you to a page with only the card number and the box to check, then redirect you to a page that gives the same Pass or No Pass message.

Congrats, you have found a non VBV/MCSC BIN by yourself. These tools can apparently be used to generate workng cards but that would require getting fullz on your own and I don't have much experience with that.

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