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Earning scheme. $ 200 per day.

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The contents of the scheme:

1. Buy Bitcoin in any Internet exchange

2. Immediately sell it more expensive in another (Chinese exchange) where the selling rate is higher.

I.e. we buy for $275 and immediately sell for $320 (at the time of writing the topic)

Now, step by step, I’m showing you the process:

1. Enter the exchanger where we will sell the BTC and look at the rate for what we can SELL, for example:

Chinese exchanger 501btc.com : 0.0055 BTC - 320$ (instruction for this exchanger here: https://telegra.ph/Instructions-for-the-Chinese-exchanger-02-17 )

2. Create a request for sale, press «Exchange BTC for Visa/Master USD card». Enter your card number to which you want to receive the payment (you don't need to have a dollar card, you can use any card), press "next". Choose the amount we want to change, remember the exchange rate.

3. The exchanger displays the BTC wallet number where to send the coins, copy the wallet number.

4. Now go to https:////www.bestchange.com, or the miror https:///www.bestchange.ru choose to exchange (your bank) on btc, depending on which card you have. We get a list of exchangers and we see where the exchange rate is smaller and the minimum amount of the exchange is satisfying.

5. We go to a suitable exchanger, fill all the fields, where the BTC wallet should be indicated - insert a copied wallet from the Chinese exchanger. Making an exchange.

6. Waiting for the application to be processed (usually 30-45 minutes) and get $320 on your card, and you spent 275 dollars and 30 minutes.

That’s $45 net profit for a half-hour!

It’s the fastest way to exchange. There is no need to create a blockchain wallet and lose money on transfer commissions, because we change directly from one exchanger to another.

With close friends we have been using this scheme for more than six months, below is a portion of the payments screens during this time:



Good luck, everybody, and many many MONEY!


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