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    • By Pumpgunbilal
      Been homeless for 8 weeks now, in my early 20s, laptop infected with a zeroaccess rootkit, in a clinic since 3 days after trying to light myself on fire. Anybody got some help? I'll take dirty money and use my legit german bank account for services if needed. Any help is welcome.
    • By satoshibox
      Satoshi-box.com Sale your files, digital content for Bitcoins
      Introducing a new platform for selling your files for bitcoins.
       Minimum commission, fast payment, after the download is completed, double encryption occurs and your files can only be received by the buyer via the download link, 24/7 technical support
      You already know such services, and our service is devoid of all flaws.
      How it works for the seller:
      1.You upload any file and any type or text
      2.Write your bitcoin address to which the buyer will send the payment
      3.Write the number of sales of your file, you can specify from 1 to infinity, if sales are over, the file is automatically deleted.
      4.Click download and share
      5.A link will appear to buy the file, you can share the link with the buyer, place it on your website, blog, facebook and so on. After buyer's payment, your money will be sent to your address.
      How it works for the buyer:
      1.Buyer clicks on the sale link
      2.Enters his email and clicks the Submit button
      3.QR code and an address for payment will appear, to this address he must send the amount that will also be indicated near the address for payment, the buyer can pay in parts, but the link to download the file will be with him as soon as the entire amount is sent to the address.
      4.after full payment and 1 confirmation, a link to download the file will be sent to  buyer email, buyer can leave feedback
      Any questions you may have can write to support@satoshi-box.com  or satoshiboxcom@gmail.com
    • By youwasteofnut
      I make checks using real account and routing info and name and info, but I use ezcheck software to design and print them...my checks only go through at certain banks and for some reason with others they go to posted balance then gets put on hold and bounces before it is available...any advice as to what im doing wrong? ps I do mobile deposit if that helps
    • By arentofin
      can anyone tell me the best cvv shop which one. I used feshop and validcc and savastan0 
      feshop is not that good tried validcc 2 time and cc didnt work and in savastano tried 2 time with 36$ worked but not properly or expected
    • By Shakazulu
      Hi,  I'm new to the world of hacking, carding,  loading and spamming. I'm looking for a teacher we can work. Dm me I'm a fast learner. I've been a middle man for a loader before. Waiting 
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