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I tryed gopro's free fraud course with huge success

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Well, as you can see in the title, I did Gopro's free fraud course which started on July 13 and finished on July 19.
Seven class days with the following topics:

1. Introduction to carding and forums.
2. Basic OPSEC
3. Carding - an overview
4. Resources.
5. Logs
6. banks
7. Summing up. Further learning, where to get it

All classes were on Telegram, all classes were FREE.
In my experience, in this world, it is very difficult to find valuable. There is so many scams, outdated guides and bad resources on darknet. I, myself, have spent a few hundreds in all this. So when I saw that there was a free seven days course I thought, why not, maybe this is what I need to start in this world. And man, after finishing the course all I can say it is that It was one of the BEST DECISIONS I made in last weeks.
A lot of good information, plenty of good resources and of course 1 - 1,5 hours of class with a worth reading mentor like Gopro's
All classes were on Telegram with other 29 students. After every class it was questions that Gopro answered.
It was a very nice experience, I learnt a lot, and for beginners I think there is the best to initiate in this world.

After the free seven days, Gopro presents his paid course.
This course costs $200 USD.

Since I am here to earn money and as I wrote before I had been bad experiences purchasing bad resources and outdated guides I saw this new course as an opportunity so I PURCHASED the PAID COURSE.

Paid course content is the following topics:

1. OPSEC First 2 weeks 300 pages, 50 hrs for u
2. Anti detect settings 100 pages 1 week
3. Building fullz 1 week, not so much theory, mostly practice
4. Carding 2 weeks
5. Paypal 1 week
6. Bank accounts 2 week
7. Bank transfers 1 week
8. Drops 1 week
9. Gift cards 1 week
10. Logs 2 weeks
11. cashing out and washing 1 week
12. Also how to make loan fraud, but final point 1 week

Course lasts 4 months on Telegram and as you can see it is very complete. I started it on Tuesday 21 July so it has been a few days and I can't be happier with the purchase. There is a lot of good information, a lot of good resources and trusted links to build a good business. So it has all that I was looking for.


Gopro's free course is OUSTANDING and a MUST DO if you are a newbie. If you have the opportunity, I would recommend you to pay his paid course, YOU DON'T REGRET IT.
As a mentor, he is fantastic, he replies all questions that we have and teach you how to do things correctly.

With this review, I hope I can give some light to anybody who is looking how to enter in this world or where to start with a mentor.
I will be glad to answer any questions if necessary.

Take care, mates! =)

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