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  1. just go on youtube and type in msr reader an writer an there will be videos showing you how to use it
  2. https://carder.tv/threads/error-codes.80892/ these are some error codes but the card probally had a low balance
  3. no one sells dumps with pins that like giving away free money why sell it if u cn cash out the atm yourself an get way more this is common sense people loll the dump pins sellers is a scam
  4. just go to any store like walmart or a gas station an buy prepaid cards the numbers arent embossed on the cards so they can be wiped of with some solution or scratched off so u can use the card as a blank jus take the data from the cards an put your dumps onto it that simple
  5. Do gift cards have track 1 an track two like credit cards how is their format
  6. im trynah get rich with this fraud stuff not lil chump change reselling stuff aint it for me
  7. so can u use your personal drivers license at the kiosk machine or thats not a good idea because they said that gift cards are untracable cash
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