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  1. So guys I bought the cc from a vendor. The cc has the secure code attached. According to the vendor he said its a secure code set by the card holder to authorize any online payment. My question: Would this cc work on 3D secure sites? Also I need HMA VPN to swap for an aged PayPal or Walmart account.
  3. If you're looking for the highest quality proxies, then you're in the right place. For a limited amount of time I'll be selling LuxSocks proxies. Good proxies are required for online carding, or else the card will be denied. Why? Your IP address MUST match the city, or very close city to the address on the card. Again, this is for a limited time, if possible I'd like a long-term buyer. These proxies are: Long-lasting: This means you can use the proxy for a long period of time. Normal duration is for 24 hours, but they typically last a little longer. Renewing the proxy for another 24 hours will cost the same price. Extremely Clean: By clean, I mean not blacklisted, not used, etc. These will not be flagged whatsoever for fraud or anything relevant of BH activity. You will be able to get the most out of these proxies. Targeted Zip/City: This is a necessity for carding. Make sure to get a proxy that corresponds with the city/zip your cards address is registered in. Residential IP: No Data Center BS. You will get a residential proxy that will not be scrutinized by website security systems. Price: $5 per 24 hrs (this includes proxy renews) Purchase via Jabber: [email
  4. I haven't, and thanks for that informative reply. Personally I see it as a bit risky as you're there in-person. They could look back on the cameras and identify you when they see the transaction is fraudulent. How do you know you won't get caught?
  5. I personally don't recommend doing in-store carding. They're implementing higher and higher security measures. You should instead do carding online, it's far more secure. Don't be impulsive and get yourself in prison.
  6. I recommend doing a search online for it. Make sure to use sandboxie for it as well because lots of them are blatant viruses.
  7. Your payment would be rejected. Proxies are extremely important to the success of carding. Do not use a VPN when trying to make the payment. 1. Connect to VPN (to stay anonymous) 2. Connect to your Socks5 Proxy (to trick payment processors) 3. Make the payment I personally use NordVPN.
  8. What the game sees is that the payment on the account has charge backed. The game has nothing to do with the payment, that's most likely handled by a payment processor (such as PayPal, Stripe, etc). The payment processor has security measures to make sure you're not carding. The card address is what gives away what your IP Address should be. If your IP not in the area of the card address, then they'll deny the payment. If you use an invalid card address, then they'll also deny the payment. The only choice is to use an IP Address in the area of the card Address.
  9. Correct. The card won't work on a random ip address, must be in the same or nearby city. But know, if you're carding on a game and the cardholder charges back, then the items could be removed, or your account banned.
  10. With the right computer configurations, yes. e.g. Proxy in the same city, or within 25-50 miles of their city. If you make a stripe account in someone else's name, make sure it's made in the same city where they live. Make sure you're not leaking WebRTC. And most importantly, use a VPN when connecting to a Proxy, or you're fucked.
  11. Either purchase or create a fully verified PayPal account on a good proxy (or else you'll get limited easily). Then buy some BTC from someone.
  12. Personally, I'd never try carding without the owners name/address. It's best to be connected to a Socks5 proxy that's nearby their address, or in the same zip code or else it could be a denied by the bank because of security measures. (e.g using a card with a U.K IP that's address is in the U.S would flag the card) But hypothetically, let's say you did that. There are two options: 1. The card may be denied for suspicion of fraud 2. The card may be accepted Option two is very limited however. It would only be good as verification on websites such as PayPal, or perhaps DigitalOcean (if it works, unsure though). And just in case, don't try carding on PayPal without the right IP Address as well.
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