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  1. I think ive got some lists saved on my desktop. ill shoot them over when i get home, no ICQ, dont have a cell phone.
  2. Great share man! Once I get up and about today ill post some stuff for the forums.
  3. hacim

    [PSD] Alaska - DL

    Anything can be edited now a days man, just would rather play it safe and take the extra precautions.
  4. hacim

    [PSD] Alaska - DL

    Do you mind uploading a VirusTotal
  5. hacim

    ExpressVPN keys

    Nice share man! Looking forward to seeing more of your contributions!
  6. Thanks for the share! Keep up the good work!
  7. hacim

    eWhore Guide

    Very nice guide man, keep up the good work!
  8. This guide was very informative, hope to see more great work from you in the future man!
  9. For starters, if you're looking to buy a card you should check Here. If you're looking for a free card drop from the community, or knowledge about carding in general, i would suggest starting your search in our carding section found Here, or if you're looking for programs like SQL Dumpers or anything along the lines of that check our leaks section found here. Also keep in mind that I have just provided links for the broad sections, within the sections of the forums you will find most of everything you need to learn what you want to learn, it just takes time and patience. Within the carding section you will find free community dropped cards, support for carding where you may ask questions, methods and websites, and things of that nature. In our leak section you will find programs, free accounts, combo lists, and things of that nature, just keep in mind that i believe our forum admins request that you don't change the password on the accounts so the rest of the forum may use them, if a password has been changed or you cannot log into an account provided, please reply to the post saying so. Once again I've provided mostly broad sections, as there is so much knowledge within our forumbase, most of which it's up to you to find for yourself, just spend a couple hours or a free day browsing through these sections and you will find most of what you need.
  10. Starting off you could wait for one of the community members to drop a card, or you can buy a card from one of the verified vendors. SQL and Phishing are a little bit tricky to do but if you have an aptitude for computers its not too far fetched. Browse through the forum a little bit and theres some information floating around that could help you out in your adventure. Just make sure to run any software downloaded on a seperate computer, or in a VM/Sandbox. I would also highly recommend running a VPN with Socks. Tor only goes so far in protection and success.
  11. If you're looking for a cashout method, a few of the forum members have verfied drops and will half the value with you. I currently do not recall the members, but i'm sure with a few minutes of browsing around the forum you will find what you're looking for. There are other cashout methods I'm sure, however this is the only surefire way that I am currently aware of.
  12. Dominos, pizza hut, taco bell, grubhub, ihop, and zaxbys Use a VPN or Socks with the state of cardholder. I would steer clear of zaxbys, ihop, and tacobell since they do not deliver. I would also recommend having a neighbor or something accept the delivery.
  13. Do you mind posting a few screenshots with proof of shipment/delivery?
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