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  1. need to install custom software that captures info
  2. Hey Guys..Good to see emv the baby of swiping has some uk followers...Just want to shout out the fathers of uk swiping...Business Chap, Great Oak, Zulu Alpha, Diamond and all the other lads who would swipe 8k off a MBNA....We must remember this shit aint new and hopefully we can get some of these legends on here to share there knowledge.....If we can share knowledge like a brotherhood we can keep this alive, so if i get uk d p and you can cash we keep it tight...so we share d p and software, i have d p but nobody with software that works in uk....Bro's we are a very exclusive group in uk fraud lets help each other...We need real d p and real software.......if this message connects with you lets talk...Thanks
  3. My brothers its real simple.....you need uk fullz with email access or the ability to simswap.....NOW!! if you have this then message me and we can win together....Those of you out there who are smart will figure this out...ANYBODY who needs help msg me......IN CARDING WE TRUST!!!
  4. Simple...I got UK Dead fulls and need Spoof callers...pm me for your info
  5. Here's some info on Prilex interesting read Prilex is a trojan written in Visual Basic 6.0 and used to steal information from ATMs. It was used in a highly targeted attack against a Brazilian bank to gather information on all the users of that ATM. It currently works on only one brand of ATM, indicating that the threat actors analyzed this branch and customized the trojan. It works by hooking certain dynamic link libraries (DLLs) and replacing the machine's screens with its own application screens on top. Once the machine is infected, the trojan operates with the banking application so that the legitimate account security code screen is replaced with the trojan's fraudulent screen. This code is used as a two-factor authentication (2FA) method to protect ATMs and online transactions. Once the code is entered, the trojan captures and stores it. The attackers exfiltrate the bank card numbers and security codes to a remote C2 server via the internet. The attackers likely sell the bank card numbers as opposed to stealing funds straight from the ATM.
  6. yep this is all correct info...any uk people working with X2 as im looking to get back into the game but a little rusty...thanks
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