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  1. The seller is decent and always seems to be online. Feedback is very prompt and the money transfers quickly to the card
  2. fullman

    Tax refunds

    Tax refunds for US tax year 2019. HMU!
  3. WTF? All my settings got changed. Ok now try to PM me. Let me know if not working.
  4. Okay, one more time. If u are interested in methods or tutorials, PM me.
  5. U people that need tutorials and methods either PM or follow me.
  6. fullman

    Tax refunds

    Come on guys. Someone has to be doing tax refunds. PM me. Lets eat.
  7. fullman

    Tax refunds

    Anyone who is expert in doing US tax refunds, I have the data. PM me.
  8. Several people have emailed me about tutorials & methods. I now have access to some if anyone else is interested pm me.
  9. Several of u have messaged me about tutorials and methods. I have access to some now if anyone is interested pm me.
  10. Need expert in setting up synthetic identities. PM me here.
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