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  1. Social Engineering - Total Guide Good day to everyone, today I will present some basic and advanced concepts that targets sophisticated attacks on the social basis, also I will write about some steps that can prevent this attacks from occuring, basically we will examine Social Engineering from the angle of attacker and victim, some people who are interested in security and work for middle-sized companys can learn and use something interesting from this post. Essentially Social Engineering is based on the human form manipulation, instead of using technology, people use social skills to find or exploit vulnerabilities in the systems that relies on technology. People use social communication in day-to-day basis to gain specific type of information, but S.E. targets intensions based on gaining information about something profitable(On quantitative or qualitative basis). People use their fantasy to create plans, good side of S.E. - there is no law that can judge you because of what you did with words, my favorite slogan is -
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  4. Burundi Central African Republic Sanctions Cuba Crimea region Iran Iraq Lebanon Libya North Korea Somalia South Sudan-related Sanctions Sudan and Darfur Syria Yemen So if you are in any of the following countries, you can’t buy and sell bitcoin on paxful.com
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  6. MasterCard Secure Code, more info at https://www.mastercard.us/en-us/consumers/payment-technologies/securecode.html
  7. You're right man, from now, only here
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