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  1. Sup guys Trying to get money in this deep sea Maybe you can give an advice - what are the best ways to advertise my shop I have banners and topicks in a couple of carding forums But thats not enough)
  2. Everything is cardable, including ebay, the question is how much time and effort are you willing to spend to card it lol
  3. Fleebi


    Hehehe just saying bro. Trust me Mak aint gona scam you for youre soft, you can always do teamviewer with him
  4. carding is huge... online carding ? skimming ? and many other types... give more info
  5. Fleebi


    Yea but theres also ur reputation on the line, you already got a minus rep and trust without proof of that service nobody is gona believe you, every one is gona thing you are a ripper(no hard feelings), its in youre own best interest to verify the soft and it doesnt cost you anything
  6. Fleebi


    Can you do an teamviewer on it or verify it with Mak, nobody is gona buy it like that
  7. Fleebi


    Near Field Communication, lots of information on it these days, easy accesable
  8. If anyone knows anyone offering SMS flood service hmu
  9. Indian dumps are cheaper, because they dont carry much balances in it
  10. UK lads PM me your jabbers
  11. what phone? or you mean network, ATT et all, be explicit when asking for help
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