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  1. What Other Bank Logs Do U Spam?
  2. Have You Tried Using Them In Mobile Deposit?
  3. It Works Just Get Somebody To Do It For U If U Dont Want To Do It
  4. Just Copy It And Paste On Your Google Docs
  5. Google It Einstein, Its A Mailer So U Can Send From Any Name
  6. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U_A1DDzU_sY5O6c1scd7jZUeLYyz3iqbCbgAdRdMdDo/edit Change The Template To The Persons Name And Send Through A Fake Mailer
  7. I Have This Too, Im Just Working On Smtp Server
  8. Put 12 volts into the chip and it will read the strip instead of the chip
  9. Emv Software Doesn’t Work U Gotta Put 12 Volts in the chip so the atm Can Read The strip
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