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  1. Hello guys! Look, i've been carding since 2013, started on Alboraaq. I got a lot of experience and important ranks in many forums. I took a break on carding for mental health tbh, but i'm back I used to teach carding when i was mod in carding forums, such as: I've been moderator/super moderator in: Altenen, Carding Mafia, Devil Group, very long etc. Also, i used to sell in Horux, MasterCVV and some other big CCs, fullz and methods stores. All my CCs & fullz are my own results from my spam logs. All my carded stuff in from my private methods on cardable websites. All my accounts are cracked by me. All i sell are earnings. Why do i teach? Cuz carding will die in few years, and we've to approach and make all the money we can before it happens. Is the price worthy? Yes, for sure. I'll teach you personally, give you self-made working guides and give you all the tools you need to start getting your first results. Prices: Carding: 80 USD/EUR/GBP Spam: 90 USD/EUR/GBP Cracking (accounts): 70 USD/EUR/GBP Contact me on ICQ: 679071624
  2. They're in the first page, just click on it and you'll be able to see them
  3. This thread is for update about selling, not for vouches... For good commets you can use Community section
  4. New base! 26 january, 2020 FRESH, SPAM LOGS Results: 436 USA CCs (
  5. Of course they have, they're results from spam logs. Got non vbv/msc and with vbv/msc too Down for dealing
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