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    pm me if relevant
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    waiting for a response from you
  3. If I order a lot of wholesale, will there be a discount?
  4. Looking for people with bank drops (doesn't matter if aged/fresh) SERVICE: Clean wire transfer No Chargebacks ESCROW OF YOUR CHOICE Delivery time: 1 business day NOTE: Though the money is clean, it is best to not use your personal accounts SPLITS: 66.6% (2/3) to you 33.3% (1/3) to me REFUNDS: Full refund if there is a chargeback (within 2 weeks) WHAT IS REQUIRED: ACH to US bank account: Account number Routing number IBAN/transferwise/Xoom/iDeal also possible
  5. No upfront payment. I just need partners. I’m a loader. I can load accounts,pay debts,sba,unemployment, direct transfer, ach transfer, wire transfer, credit card payments. P.S I want no bullshit, if you’re not serious avoid me, if you tryna get this money hit me up
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