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  1. Thanks for the info bud. I already saw this tut oer YouTube and I'd created an account but my fear is, with the several jstash look alike shops everywhere on the net, I just couldn't decide which to believe. If you can give us your personal experience with the shop, it will really raise our hopes and confidence. We like to know your experience hear your comment about the shop - if they have ever sold your dead CC, if they are reliable, if they got non vbv and mac and if their cards actually have balance on them and any other Pros and Cons about this Jstash shop. Thanks
  2. Also, I like to ask, I thought Anti-detect come pre-customed with MAC Address Changer and DNS spoofer and that you only need to your proxy that's all. Please enlighten on why you still use antidetect with mac address changer
  3. Please bud, can you share your Anti-detect to me plzzzzz
  4. If you teach us, it wouldn't be that bad.
  5. Can you at least share to us the link of the shops you already use...especially the one you are referring to in the post.
  6. That's my ish with some users....if you know a shop, why not just share if.... Plan and simple.
  7. Site does not load....it is a dead site mate
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