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  1. hi there i need some cvv with money on them they can be master card visa or amex as i am a carder any would do thanks
  2. i have discord pm me your discord name and i will add you
  3. if it has no money on it then you can use it for free trials other then that if it dose have money u can card with it
  4. paypal are dicks when it comes to making a payment or transfering money how long has the accounts been open for and do you have a card or bank linked to it
  5. try a lower amount next time if you a new customer that just checkout with 1000$ it is going to come up as a red flag
  6. yes only the shops see it not you
  7. its a report sent to the shop if anything is wrong with the order so billing is wrong to many trys with the card if the cvv or ext date is wrong past fraud under the same info and so on
  8. its from shopify its the fraud report
  9. i have a friend pick up my shit that i get and also drop it at his address so maybe ask someone you can trust to do your dirty work
  10. Elsa


    Dead for 30
  11. Elsa


    some food a dress a new wallet and a packet of smokes XD
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