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  1. Contact me at PM to order a bank transfer.
  2. Contact me at PM to order a bank transfer.
  3. Yes. Write in personal messages.
  4. Yes. Write in personal messages.
  5. Please contact me at PM to order a bank transfer.
  6. Today I transfer with a bonus.
  7. I work. Write to me in PM.
  8. Greetings! Looking for regular partners for bank cards cashout! We are sending dirty cash to the cards of all popular banks in the world! Interest rate: 66% FOR YOU / 33% FOR US. The minimal transaction to your card is $1000 Minimal deposit: $333 You could deposit $333 and receive $1000 to your CC, $500 = $1,500, $2,000 = $6,000 (THE WHOLE AMOUNT OF MONEY STAYS ON YOUR CARD) FAQ: What about risks? - Risks are excluded, in rare cases, when the transaction amount is higher than $7000, banks may block your card and refuse you further cooperation, but you will get the money anyway. How to start? – You’ll need to send a request to guarantor service, then make a deposit (from $333 to $2000 for new customers), then give me ONLY the card number and the name of the bank. How many transactions could I get to one card? - One card = One transaction, regardless of the amount. How long does the transaction take? - About 20-30 minutes. Can it be charged back? - No. How fast should I cash out? - The term for withdrawal is unlimited. You can withdraw in any convenient way! What is the maximum cash amount per card? - 12k$. Terms and conditions: The speed of order execution depends on our workload. Usually it takes from 20 to 40 minutes Service has the right to refuse requests without any explanation. By contacting our service you automatically accept our rules. We are processing all applications and responding as quickly as possible We accept orders and all questions in the forum’s PM. Do not forget to leave reviews below. We’ve made $4800 deposit to the forum! JABBER: Now only to regular customers! TELEGRAM: Now only for regular customers! We work through the guarantor service, which you pay for. Example of contacting script for the guarantor service: 1) buyer: me (your nickname), seller: Anubis 2) I’m buying a $3,000 transaction to the card 3) My deposit to guarantor: $1,000 4) The seller receives money from the guarantor only after successful transaction 5) I use Bitcoin as payment method
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