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  1. So this the shit I be using lately to bypass payment proccesors such as Chase Stripe Square etc This shit works full proof. So don't blame me if it doesn't work for your endeavors. 1. Get a Burner Laptop Wipe everything clean, don't keep any PII documents or info there. After having the laptop clean install a fresh copy of window's 10 keep everything up to date and install a strong antivirus to protect the PC. 2. Mullvad VPN. Second Step is to install mullvad Vpn pay that subscription through BTC and login through your account number. 3. Antidetect / FraudFox Whatever you want to use here get a paid version though all this crappy shit with cracked versions don't just cut it anymore So pay their monthly subscription you gotta invest to earn bread. 4. Socks Get a subscription for SOCKS5 from suppliera such as 911 socks lux socks etc even though this are some shitty providers some of their socks still work. You gotta find your own source to get clean socks. 5. HACKED RDP Get a couple Hacked rdps from the State you Gon be Carding in Install the machine you chose either Fraudfox or Antidetect. All the paid versions are kept updated with the authors so you should have nay problems with bugs. If you face any issues talk to the admins 6. GET A NON VBV CARD 3D SECURE IS A BITCH. You card can be right etc but you get hit with the vbv OTP. Shit fucks up. Get a non vbv bin from you cc supplier. 7. Setup you Carding Station right Logn to MULLVAD from Windows 10 and move to login to the hacked RDP. Having received the credit card information adjust your RDP time and location to the cc holders timezones and location. Login to Fraudfox or Antidetect Choose your user agent never choose - iPhone Configs - they will always get your order declined by bank. Other mobile devices work though I don't know why iPhones tend to fail. After choosing your user agent enter socks into the machine your using. Then Get your shit on Always check with whoer or some other site to check if your Dns ain't matching etc before making the charge or visiting the website It's always Trial and error If you wanna make green stacks from fraud you have to invest and learn everday from failures.
  2. If you need them, let us know i do not teach to use. Just selling
  3. As far as I understood you, we can't use any vpn over TOR(which given by gateway) in whonix workstation? We can.
  4. I have usa biz accounts, 2 years old, good history payments more that 700k,ready to drop.contact me more info
  5. info is already in your pm, and give me a contact
  6. Any loaders PM me Have verified cashapp we can do 50/50 let me know.
  7. please any one tell me best cheap cvv shop
  8. I share a part of the Tokopedia leak: https://anonfiles.com/d4n3l21bo6 This is a database with 15M accounts with various data and SHA2-384 hashed passwords. I also provide you in the shared link with a sample of 210K accounts with dehashed passwords. I have at my disposal the full database of 91M accounts with DEHASHED passwords. If you are interested in that leave me a message
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