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  1. there is such a thing as google, say it helps
  2. Can anyone explain to me what is NFC Software and how does it work??
  3. private tut. are you crazy
  4. Dreenofx

    X2 chip software

    maybe because chip emv hacking is not based on track 2, but based on intercepted data during a transaction with a shimmer. shimmer EMV based on SIM card bypass technologie like SIM REBEL.... using software to touch data transfer and reuse it with a gsm software with latency changed. OSMOCOM SIM TRACE SDA is static so can be reuse in a pos terminal SDA like in south america for exemple Most electron card are SDA....... Why is not working for all ? because of DDA SDA = static data authentification DDA = dinamic data authentification OSMOCOM SIM TRACE is open source and is use as server/client for APDU PM me if you want to talk more on the subject.... peace
  5. Carding BTC from an exchange takes significantly more effort than eBay. If you're a beginner, I wouldn't try to card an exchange until you've become much more proficient in your technique.
  6. Yes, eBay is cardable. The level of difficulty/effort required scales up as the item price goes up. Generally, if the item is relatively cheap, it requires minimal effort.
  7. Dreenofx


    you can become a verified vendor for bins and the softwares.
  8. Windows 10. Some people will say this is a bad idea due to security leaks but the idea is to blend in with the regular customers and w10 is most popular. So you have to weigh up risk and reward. You can still card with 7 8 linux etc but you will notice not as successfully. Mobile phones are the best imo some sites aren't vbv for android. and get the right android google nexus are idea can be manipulated very well without leaks. PC's are harder to spoof correctly
  9. seems like the sites have higher security, i think they got off a Fraud Score, i had a list of what they check for, eg; is ip backlisted, how close is it to cardholders location, timezone correct, is email a carders email, etc...i know some sites are very tricky, clean your java temp files too i know some cleaners dont do them.... lots of different reasons, check the cards with AVS Mismatch to make sure there is enough money on card?
  10. Looking for long term business. I have my on lab and knowledge of 101s ,201s Cvvs , etc . I know how to bypass the chip for dumps. But still get declined. Please help. So much talent being wasted.
  11. im from uk what you working with ???
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