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  1. dblaag

    Combo - 2.8M

    ¨file ot found¨. Is it possible to upload them again ?
  2. dblaag

    eWhore Guide

    Very nice guide. This deserves more likes imo
  3. did you eventualy get your credits from madafaka ?
  4. with 50 i meant 50%. and its an estimation
  5. where i buy most cards do work well. Mac, do you say the cards at feshop dont work either ?
  6. Still some nice places to buy very decent stuff
  7. Hi all. VISA card Issuer is La Caixa VBV by sending message to phone with code. When screen pops up just wait like 1 minute. Message will come that SMS might not have reached you and you will be asked to put in CVC instead. Problem solved.
  8. the cardholder himself can disable it. if you have acces to online banking you can disable it (most times)
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