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  1. exactly, i dont use sock but still have successful transactions
  2. ------------------------------------------ Steps To Card Amazon Using Android ------------------------------------------ Install These Apps : Get Your CC Ready 1. Connect your VPN to a the location of Credit Card owner or a location that is close to it 2. Open Mozilla Firefox 3. Go to Gmail, create a new account with CC owner's name 4. Now visit Amazon that is not the same country as your CC owner. E.g, if CC owner is USA, goto "amazon.de" or "amazon.fr" but not amazon.com!. If CC owner is not USA, then you can goto "amazon.com" 5. now, Make new account with CC owner's name 6. create cookies on amazon, act like a normal customer, surf the amazon site for a good period of time 7. close browser, do not disconnect the vpn 8. later that same day, open your browser and surf amazon again for a good period of time 9. Now add to cart one product, dont be greedy 300 - 700 is what i will do 10. Now add your delivery address, save it 11. finally, add your CC details and its billing, change last 2 digits of the CC mobile, save then log out 12. Do not disconnect the vpn 13. Sign in next day 14. Proceed to checkout 15. Place the order. 16. Don't sign in again 17. You will get the shipping details in gmail so dont sign in through amazon 18. Wait for the product you're welcome guys if product wasn't delivered
  3. most sites that need that payment method redirect you out of their page when its time to make payment you are being redirected to the payment gateway page, which is not hosted on the same site you are shopping on sigh hopefully i explained well enough for you, if not, do your research
  4. He worked great. The only one who agreed and did a round trip (1 month) in a difficult direction. We took 3 Avia and several hotels. Everything is of high quality. I recommend
  5. yo Big man! 100000% working ? i'll like to talk to you about that kindly pm me or icq?
  6. big man, buy and sell items after all, rome wasnt built in a day fam
  7. Awesome as usual BIg Man thanks for the share
  8. thanks for the share BIg Man looking forward to your post on skipping the verification
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