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  1. Been looking around and found a bunch of seemingly scam sites, maybe one good one idgod.ph I don't know hard to tell. You guys know of any legit sources? Or is there someone in the community that is in that niche? Thanks
  2. How does one obtain access to this area of the forum? Thanks
  3. Look up the bin, calk the bank, input card data. And the automated system will tell you the balance
  4. Im still learn about the whole socks process, what are you guys using to run your socks? Thanks
  5. Once I get the software side of things and the whole socks process figured out ill have to try one of these.
  6. gotcha, playing deeper into replicating the card holders habits and what cards are good for what based on the specific cards previous habits and capabilities. thanks
  7. This is a noob question but, what makes a bin good for a specifi site? arnt all bins inherently good if the card is active? I understand there are slum bins and lux bins, but what makes them unique to the stores themselves? Thanks
  8. Downloaded great, but it is saying incorrect password
  9. Awesome, good to know Thanks! I'm just getting into online, might switch it up from in-store
  10. So I might know someone with a companionship hotline. How could could a carder team up with said person to cash out? Also would the owner of the hotline get heat for a few fraud calls? There is a website, but all card info is enter thru the phone. Thanks for any feedback
  11. Great method man, will be trying this
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