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  1. Nice share man! Definitely doing this today! Remember Card The World
  2. i know this isnt instant but if u need money work on Amazon MTURK atleast u can work from home i made 30 a day doing that before other stuff
  3. Hey i can be your cashier i am over here in US struggling to pay rent. We can do 40/60 or 50/50 depending on how reliable you are! Ill pay in BTC i have a gemini and localbitcoins account I can get you btc for venmo maybe squarecash but nothing else no paypal no squareup nothing else unless maybe you teach me how to reliable cash it out. I don't have jabber icq in america we just use FB and reg social media but i can make one Serious carders only if i was better at carding myself i'd go on empire right now and cashout on my own.
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