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  1. ok my carding games is bad im awsome at private methods such creaing fully funtionably drop account with my new private method, stipre set up with almost gerantted no card blocks even if card gets declined at first yeah im kinda awesome i have a shit loads of advance stuff through resaerch and a lot falure till i mastered my craft but still newbish to little stuff like rdp or cookies....well i have rdp down i think but HOW DO I CREATE COOKIES for carding a site can someone please help me please.........need ccokie lesson ill give you a method that you cant beet not my vip lesson method but a small nice one im sure yall could appreciate
  2. http://bit.ly/awesmeamerica ive been carding this site for couple of weeks now works fine with any vpn and regualr set up just remember to clear history and cookies bofore you start carding but the only bad thin site takes about a week to ship the item so make sure you have alright enough cc to streach the wait but for the most part i ony had on item go on hold and that was because i accidental used the same card on same item any vpn works on this site so for all i did by for was just basics like cleanig history and cookies and it flew through verytime and make sure use email close to card holders name smh just saying
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