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  1. Good read I have a few questions about the cards your using at the ATMs and how Dumps can be made possible to use cashing out at Automatic Tellers, everything else is clear. Will follow you and send you a message.
  2. Tl; Dr Been online trying to make money for years, need a new network got burned but will never give up the precious sphere we have here, Canada Carder in Real Life with dumps and Online. Msg me for Telegram or XMPP. Hello carder.tv my first post here, Hello everyone, I go by playboicardi and I'm here because I found this to be one of the highest in traffic for EN CW carding forums. I'm just getting my feet wet again it's been a long time I've been searching for the right contacts, doing work, burning resources etc... All that fun stuff to inevitably get that paper. I'm usually shooting it with the Russian forums as it's really hard to find a good english forum with knowledgeable people. currently working in real life it looks like this; I'm printing plastic, writing 201 dumps to cards, busting the chip and doing the triple dip method. I'm newer at this so any one with some insight please give me a shout maybe we can work something out. I could use some help with Photoshop templates for Canada Bank CCs in PSD. I'm also getting every piece of information to hopefully start working some setups online, but I need to make contacts and share some information with the right people to be able to make up a self made private method or whatever. I've been through hell out here for years almost cashing out GoFundMes getting bank accounts burned, losing my network of people giving up etc... I've just invested everything and lost anything that I cared about so now I have no choice. I've finally been doing better and have some means hitting some real life stuff and staying on track. If you can relate or want to give me a hand up (not hand out) I'm sure we can make something work. I'm doing all I can and I'll continue to do so until I make it. Cheers and stay safe everyone.
  3. Hello could I please check this out, I'm here to meet people and some good ideas. Looking for to this tutorial hope I get a chance to read it, thank you.
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