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  1. Where shall I get the CC for loan bitcoin?
  2. Hi All, My name is Basavaraju S from India looking for free bitcoin or crypto loan (free means no upfront fee, what ever the fee deducted from loan) looking for up to 10k. I need specific tenor upto 2years repay the loan, world is big there is lot of people’s and reality is nobody helping each other. I’m facing financial crisis due to bad credit couldn’t able to get bank loan. no upfront fee because of I’m very tired of losing money for paying money for scammers. I’m in need for financial support but people asking money for money help!!! Good but nobody offer loan? so that I’m here asking help for getting crypto loan. Expecting someone will help surely by this ad post.... thanks in advance
  3. I have konnect wallet balance in my wallet and couldn't able to withdraw to the bank. anybody here to exchange it please revert to my mail sbanuraju@gmail.com
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