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  1. In california,very serious,no games,and have others,who will put in work as well.Please pm me,ready when you are,thanks
  2. I NEED to make quick and ongoing money.Ive got a story of hard times,and bad luck,but im not going to bore you with that.Im in California,pretty much whatever needs to be handled.Im no computer whiz,I am trustworthy,honorable,if it goes bad ill take the issue,ive done state time a few times,I dont talk to the authorities,I take the time.I dont plan on anything coming from this,but im in a bad spot finacially,so im reaching out,talk to me im open to just about anything,im not open to being homeless though,thank you
  3. Absolutly,im doin bad.Im in Cali,let me no,im ready now
  4. Absolutly,im doin bad.Im in Cali,let me no,im ready now
  5. Im interested,have accounts,and I need to make money,asap.No bs,ready when you are.My word is good,no games,no excuses.PM me,thank you.
  6. Im stuck,I would be forever gratefull for your knowledge,and will be glad to show my appreciation monetarily when it becomes fruitfull,thanks
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