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  1. Tutorials on how to work dumps whoever want to work dumps with or without pin must first get a msr.the msr is a magnetic reader and writer machine which will allow u to read the data from a credit/debit card or to write some data on a magnetic strip card.a msr price is between $300 to $400 but even a cheap msr will work just fine. u can buy one in amazon.com once u buy the msr u must run the software program in your computer. when u had installed the program u can start to test the machine.first u can play with any card and see what is going on. personal u use a msr206,as u can see is not an expensive machine but we can tell u that it is good enough for u to write any kind of dump on a card using the msr206.msr has a read function and a write function. u can start by writing some invalid dumps on card and then u read them to verify if your dumps was written on the card. the msr has 3 tracks which u have to fill correct so u will get a working card. lets take an invalid dump and try to fill up the track dumps with pin sample 4539781954300875=22022010550000001001 pin9946 .this is not a valid dump so don't try to become rich by using it! u can put any name but try to put the name from the fake id and card. fill track 2 with then click write.once the led of the msr is on, u have to swipe the card ..the message "writing done" will come in message space. then verify if your card was written.click read on the msr window and then when the machine led is on swipe the card. u will see that the track1 and 2 will be filled with the dump data.
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  3. Selling USA Fullz Info SSN DOB DL 3pcs in BULK for sale* Example :Name: charlene lee|SSN: 203-62-0063|DOB: 3/10/1967|DL: 25527704|DL State: pa|Address: 3691 mercerrdsburg|City: mercersburg|State: pa|ZIP: 17236|Phone: 7173284731| 1.No test and free
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