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  1. Hi guys, so i recently figured this out to some extent but i need some help, i understand the process from hosting a domain, either through hacked cpanel or creating my own cpanel, to uploading the scampage on the cpanel to changing my email to get the results, to changing the link on the letter to using either office365 or gmail as smtp to mailer configuration and finally semding the mails. but i have a few questions and this is leaving me confused. 1. how do i get good leads to spam ? 2. what happens if the result i get is 2FA enabled ? does that mean it is useless. 3. if i'm using gsuite as smtp how many mails can i shoot successfully without killing the server? someone pls help me. PM me on here or if you're willing to work together and let's make some cool cash contact me on icq @badboyk let's cashout before christmas PLEASE!
  2. thank you but i'm past that now. learnt how to create it myself. i need more professional help though. pm me if you're interested in making money together. Thanks!
  3. i need a site for rdp credentials, pls pm me
  4. pls where can i purchase these rdp credentials for use ?
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