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  1. I am in search of real honest people who are looking to make good money daily. I DON'T need anyone's petty money. So supposing you really want to make some good money then hit me up and let's get to work. You must have some skills, hence if you don't I'll help teach you supposing you're really SERIOUS. If you're from MIssouri, Kansas, Illinois, Nebraska, Georgia, Arizona, Califor, Texas or New York that's a plus (++) but whichever state as well is fine. Long term partnership on some REAL DEALS to make some GOOD money. I look forward to hearing from that serious minded person. Even if it's just one honest person then tha't better than a dozen of non serious minded types. PM ME (inbox me)
 P.S: Must be able to print/make ID's in given names ( names I'd give..) but again if you don't have an ID printer we could still work something out. Not interested in 3rd party deals or people who say oh i have other drops. Please don't waste your time and mine as well.
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