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  1. pretty much just finding a high balance cc and then testing it. You might spend a few hundred testing bins but once you get it you can run up like 50 thousand or a few hundred.
  2. Pls pm me on telegram @baddaug1 if ur interested. But before, what kind of swiping are we talking about? bank logs, cvvs, physical carding, etc.? And next what kinda cashouts and % splits? Would love to work together if this is a NO BS proposition. - Baddaug
  3. Deal. I got some proof, if ur interested. Dm me on telegram: baddaug1
  4. Nah don't worry. You smell like law enforcement
  5. Hey whatsup, longtime carder here. Best bet is to call them stating that you lost your phone. if they ask to send it to your email say that it was stolen. Haven't tried for footlocker but has worked for other financial applications. Happy Carding - Beepis
  6. MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITY- ASAP I need a cashout team for my cards. I have no vbv set on them and any purchase I will approve by phone. Cards are taken out in the name of a fullz. Limits vary from $5k to $15k per card. I've been doing volume for a bit but need partners. We will split 52/48. 52% to me and 48% to you. Please let me know asap, no BS kiddie carder who doesn't know what he's doing. PM me
  7. Yo, I need someone on here to teach me how to take out a credit card in a fullz name. Also possibly looking for a long term partner. HMU on telegram : baddaug1
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