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  1. I need someone from Romania to start working, i can be runner
  2. Are you a good developer? I am looking for a collaboration with like minded people. If you are good at coding hit me up we can do a lot of things together as a team Add me and I will add you back! thanks
  3. I wrote to the PM, I'm waiting for an answer!
  4. i used to card with someone now he is offline for so long I knew i few things just looking for someone who i can work with I have a us address And alot of address
  5. I need a carder who can do carding on Amazon.in or Flipkart(india). Will do a business.
  6. Hello, i just bought a card , with 3k value, when i enter, this happen https://ibb.co/ZJ6bVpq Need help for bypassing it, please
  7. Gotcha a lot of banks logs freshly spammed HMU if interested
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