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  1. Hi, I have EU bank accounts in UK Barclays Llyods, Lithuania SEB, Swed. Also EU Revolut, Monese acc. Ready for your drops 24/7. Available business and personal acc's. If needed there is AU bank acc's. Also Revolut acc. in AU. If you need more accounts for your drops in other countries just contact me. We can deal on % and we can start from small amounts to build trust. You get your % the same day when money arrives. I can cash back for you in btc, wu or any other way that you choose. lrzznd@protonmail.com jabber: lrzzdn@xabber.org telegram: @BigL
  2. I have lots of EU bank drops. Lithuania, UK. Business and private acc. If you can load pm. me. You get 60%.
  3. I supply cashout services. I have business and private bank accounts in EU: Lithuania, UK, Ireland, Norway. Also Australia. I'm looking for long-term business. We can deal on %.
  4. Hi, I buy EU CVV non VBV. If you want to do long-term business then contact me lrzzdn@protonmail.com
  5. I can cashout any amount over EU business accounts. For more details write me your ICQ and I will contact you. I take 50% of the sum you transfer. Looking for long-term partners.
  6. Hey Dandee, what's your ICQ? Geros dienos :)
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