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  1. Use a drop address, it can be a house for sell / rent or anything that can make your life safe.
  2. you make my laugh so bad hahaha. don't you see what is write inside the tool? why they will ever write a fake website in their own program? think about it boy
  3. lmao only a dumb will believe what you say, i have friends that work in banks and they don't have a business with emv softwares or something like that. a guy that is actual in this business cashout won't come here and advice others.
  4. i do some research on google and found what you talkin' bout, be aware of scammers, you can buy it just from the real provider.
  5. Daphne is not cheap, you need money for that. But if you have the money, definitely deserves.
  6. Whats crackin' guys, hope you doing good and stay safe.Today i want to come with some great news, i was talking with some skimmers providers and they put me inside their affiliate program.That means every order that is made with my coupon code it give me 5% from it and you receive a 5% discount.They specially provide EMV Chip Softwares, ATM Skimmers without phisycal contact and others stuff that you will need in this trip. All those comes with user's guide manual (how to use from a to z)I won't give the website because i dont need no trouble. If is anyone of you interested please hit my PM!Thanks for your time.
  7. what are you really tryna' say?
  8. Hello. I have an online store with 50-100 legit sales a day. I can provide cashout services through my site for a commission of 25%. My website accepts paypal and debit/credit cards(visa, mastercard, american express). The money you will receive will be one hundred percent clean. I can send via paypal or BTC. Contact me via Telegram - MrXcashout
  9. Fist of all you need some valid dumps+pin (track 1, track2 data) and a good emv software, after that you need the devices below: A EMV Reader / Writer like OMNIKEY 5321 or others. A Magnetic Strip Reader / Writer like MSR 605x. You will need Java credit cards (JCOP) like NXP J2A040, JCOP J2A128. I hope it will help u.
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