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  1. Bezza


    why there's no body posting? C'mon guys we need some food :c
  2. Done it, thanks but how can i easilly load it? can i use a non vbv cc or what?
  3. Bezza

    Dead   USA

    Post more bruh
  4. I am new so I have 2 questions! Do I need to use VPN and sock at the same time? Are socks and proxies the same?
  5. Dude, u post USA fullz? i'll greatly appreciate it
  6. infos dude? please i need em, name and adresse
  7. dude u got some fullz?
  8. I am in need as much as he is dude at least i have a better English but thanks anyways
  9. exept for i wasn't dawg, i was the first to see the thread, although i commented too late cuz i was trying other ccs from other places, fix ur freebies pal
  10. if you don't know how to use the card then don't use it u fucking idiot cuz u'll kill it
  11. Bezza

    Dead   Live MC

    didn't work, post some USA ones pal
  12. last night ur usa card worked for me but not this time, post a fresh one, much appreciated
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