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  1. I can provide us account with online access.before i need to know before, how much amount & which method.small amount means i will get small account, big amount means i will get big account. uk account i provide any personnel in 3 hours with online access.After completing work i need screen shot of credited amount on account. if u can provide only processing screen shot u should tell me before hand that i will provide according.send me private message, if u can load by any method to usa or uk account
  2. are You living in a non EMV area and willing to cashout ? are you a pos owner and want get approved with pin ? contact me asap . many country availible !
  3. there were no problems, the money was in place
  4. I have been working for the second month, everything is exactly!
  5. Hello. i have 2 swift gpi numbers from PERU ready to be loaded. 2 accounts to drop bi amount. no less than 500k cuz is big company page if needed to pm
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