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  1. Got connection in btc store, you send ccs i cash for you, first batch can be small so i can show you am trustworthy, 50/50 split, work with USA,EU,GB,Australia! Lets make that bread!
  2. how do i get discord free nitro
  3. paid through the guarantor for the deal .. I'm waiting
  4. I turned to the seller. A master of his craft! Only good impressions from work! I recommend!
  5. Good morning everyone, Object: $10k daily supply of VISA Vanilla Virtual cards. The cards are virtual, not physical. Purpose: Trading these cards for BTC. Escrow needed, Paxful or Openbaazar. Additional details: We can trade the cards in small blocks. Therefore, the amount needed for escrow could be reduced. FEE: starting from 20%.
  6. Hello i need someone who knows about hosting/app/xml/ and iso 8535 (NFC Payment)
  7. thank you, ts very responsible, executive and pleasant to talk to
  8. I’m on iOS and don’t think I cant get socks5
  9. they wrote above - it's old, but it works
  10. So i bought a cc off empire market on tor, i have it and im trying to card with it and it wont work, i have a vpn, no socks5, do i need a socks5 or is there ways to cashout without it, i cant figure it out.
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