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  1. Hey yall, i got sum questions ima be posting here, would appreciate it a lot if somebody could asnwer them. how do i use the ccs that dont have holders name and addy, e.g. : CCnum:: 5363032060000612 Cvv: 471 Expm: 01 Expy: 23 i dont know how to use them, oh and do u know i site to cashout? perfect for when u dont know the balance, cause i see some ppl say "oh i got 10$ from it" and then the other comes for 3,69 and im like... "what? where? how u knew for how much u could use it so fast? (cause its a killing cc group {which i dont understand why they are in a hurry to kill the ccs, i would guess its cuz they dont want it to cancel the order or charge back? idk} and u gotta be hella fast cause everyone there is getting a piece of it, but idk from where or how)" so if u could tell me a site, or a method idk, i was thinking of the mobile credit but idk exactly how that works. But yeah, as if rn that's all i wanna ask, how to use those cards without the name and addy, and where to use it, how to cash them out or whatever. Thx and have a great day.
  2. hey, how do hackers get all those bulks, like the paypal accs and all that stuff? ik they get dumps with skimmers but what about paypal's?
  3. yoo, what's good? im trying to get the bread no matter what, im willing to do anything that's in my power. Pm me if u can help me out, fast learner. just dont come with the idea to scam me or some shit like that, pls try to help someone in need.
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