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  1. coinmama cc to btc method does not work anymore. I used a non vbv my real as a test. and coinmama send a 3rd party request to my bank which in turns send me a text to verify. I used my same real non vbv cc on a site called overclockers (3d secure) and my cc passed. but on coinmama, they forced the verification now in 2020
  2. kyle xyy

    Linken Sphere

    linken sphere is simpler to config compare to antidetect browser.
  3. depends check 375686 | 371300 | 376500 | 373392
  4. I carded some software using a cc then after 2 weeks, they emailed my temporary email address and said "your subscription is cancelled and your card has been refunded"
  5. IT is the website which refunds the money. Chargeback = owner contacts bank, bank check where the money was used which leads to website, contact website to refund. When you card, it is the cc owner which pays first! when cc owner call bank, bank will chargeback at the website for refund.
  6. there are a few but you need to use the legit link --> jstash, unicc, vclub, zuno,feshop, brain
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