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  1. I will provide an address in france for all your carded goods e.g iphones etc Following + pm
  2. I can get you drop in France Germany Belgium Holland and Spain and others...hit me up anytime
  3. I can pick up moneygram (any name as receiver name) and send back your share by btc same day
  4. Drops is available in Greece....for other what you explained then you need to give more details and we can see what's possible to do together
  5. i can pick up western union moneygram ria (any name receiver name) in senegal,togo,burkina fasso,guinea conakry,gambia and mali.
  6. If you know how to load GO BANKS DEBIT CARDS AND MYVANILLA PREPAID CARDS hit me on pm.I have them many for loading
  7. I can pick up all your western union/ moneygram in mexico peru ecuardor turkey and some countries too with any name as receiver name of your choic. Money will be pick up within 10mins max and btc pay out in 30mins after pick up. 50/50 Hit me up!
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