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  1. If you a verified PayPal message, let’s work together.
  2. Would it be possible to use an android emulator to run cash app with socks of the same city as the card holder on the account? I was planning on buying a verified cashapp account with a card already on it then taking that off and putting a prepaid on and then sending the money directly to another bank. Would this method work?
  3. If anyone needs a US drop I can do it and get cash right away or I have a verified cashapp, can be used as a middleman.
  4. My opsec is all good I just need a little help. Reliable cvv vendor on clearnet or deep web and bestbuy method + bin. If anyone could help me get situated I would be willing to give you a fair share.
  5. Fairly new to carding and would like some people I could reach out to. My setup is WindowsVM + VPN + CCleaner + Mac Changer. Obviously that's not optimal a 911 sock5 or vip72 sock5 would be best but im not tryna pay for that until im up. So if you need a drop done I could help you out.
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