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  1. I have put together a 2020 Stimulus check Template, this Folder Will Include PhotoShop as well as other programs for the template such as Blank renders, CheckFraud.Pdf etc. I Will Also Include The Fraud Bible Link w/Passcode 🤫 FullSizeRender.mov Telegram: @RedRumRu ... Let’s Get Active p.s. I Do Sell Other Checks for Mobile or Physical Drops SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY , DONT WASTE MY TIME
  2. Looking for anyone with a BoA, Wells Fargo, Chase, TD , PNC, Santander, US Bank or CapitalOne account, that wants to make Guaranteed Money Next Day... 50/50 split SERIOUS BUSINESS INQUIRIES ONLY !!! Account MUST be at least more then 3 Months ACTIVE with Transactions, Preferably aged 1-3 years for Bigger Drops ( A# & R#’s FRESH ) Hit me if you need check sauce too Telegram: @RedRumRu
  3. Anyone have bank accounts with checking and savings that want to make 3k - 8k ( Mobile Deposit or physical card drop ) Instant or Next Day , Serious business Only Account MUST be more then 3 months ACTIVE with Transactions, Preferably 1-2 years for Bigger Drops All paperwork being dropped is up to date and CLEARING ( A# & R#’s FRESH ) Ask me for my Telegram and Let’s get Active
  4. I’m Looking for NEW LEGIT TRUSTED Sites or Vendors that I can buy FULLZ or CVV packs weekly ... like bulk deals Numbers and Info MUST BE ACTIVE, FRESH & HITTIN ( Long Term Business 2020 ) Im On Game With The Rest
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