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  1. example i have phone cc and iam near cc holder adress i need socks or any vpn to use for doing shoping?
  2. Why nobody discuss octopus? I can out high price buy the octopus address Please contact me
  3. What are the cards you use? The last time I booked the US flight and everything was ok but Europe was always a problem. What method do you have? Socks is always like CC? CC always from the departure point? ¨ What is the best way to use cards?
  4. Where can I buy bank logs like td ?
  5. Hi all, if someone know, maybee can help me. Im registed paypal with full info enroll + holder bank + google voice. All verified 100%. Delay ~ 2 weeks. When im trying to send money/pay for something... from enroll or bank, its give me a blank phone number If some one know how to bypass blank phone number, please type me in pm or here.
  6. for as long as I've been carding which been about almost 2 yrs now I've never had any real luck with EU dumps, but i do know that EU dumps usually go for higher amounts here in the US. Most I've got from a US dump is 3k nothing higher but i know some ppl who do way bigger numbers easy with EUs and use it multiple times before it cut off. why do EUs do larger amounts here in the US not the other way around. it seem like EUs will get you a hell of a lot more money than using US trash dumps for a couple hundred a swipe, if it even do that.
  7. I offer Spam SMS service. Very fast, very simple. For more details PM . I offer tests!
  8. tt0o0o


    Can somebody run this nfc by me?
  9. Hello, Is there anyone who can advise me how to book the fly to Expedia? Any advice? Thanks
  10. On almost every cvv shop their India bins are MUCH cheaper than other countries! But why? Are these bad bins? Can not pass nonAVS (which is what I need)? Someone plz explain!
  11. Thanks for response bro... I can place my address but with a false name and a false ID?? !! bro.. I can use a myus type service?... I can place my address but with a false name and a false ID ?? !!
  12. How can I receive the products bought by a store? ... I can have the product without the need of another person (drop) and make it safe ... Can a service with a false name be used to receive the product?
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