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  1. Just bought a id scan what can I do with it
  2. If I were to use a card to buy things online where the hell do I ship it to? Friends and family are not an option nor is a p.o box
  3. I'm a newbie carder and am still trying to understand some things. Is an RDP comparable to a virtual machine that is using a proxy for the victims location?
  4. So end of this im moving between EU and USA/CANADA and I was wondering if The airport security ppl would stop me for having an MSR and HID OMNIKEY in ma bag with my laptop,usb`s and etc. Also id like to get proper advice on what to look out for when traveling with Equipment. Thnx for the help.
  5. I need self-registers Sparkasse i Volksbank DE bank
  6. Business verified revolut account at good price...
  7. I have a million euros worth bank account details except email & phone number. This is from Deutsche bank in Germany. Can someone suggest or help me to get email & phone?
  8. how do i use vip72? the site is very confusing do i have to pay? i following a tutorial and its telling me to use VIP 72 socks client how do i get it? can i get it for free?
  9. Hi Anyone can card Razer gold site? I can use upto 50k$ pins.I will appreciate if some one can do long term business with me. Interested People Pm me or comment below
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