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  1. for example if i live in LAS ANGELES ,CA & the dump is from SACREMENTO,CA or LAS VEGAS, NV...does the drastically effect my approval rate? i normally uses punches and they can work a few cities over (same state) but they are cheap enough for the gamble my dump connect charges $50+ so i need some insight before i waste money and i know my bins also...this is just a location based question
  2. Hello, i need official document french and .psd ID/driver licence and .psd CC Thank's
  3. Bro... Which stores do you recommend to buy iPhones?
  4. I have cards from the United States and the EU .... I need some method or something ... I have both!! I don't understand bro
  5. so as far back as tor has exsisted iv been reading articles on these services but never have i ever seen anything like this. are these really in exsistance that anyone has seen them selfs?
  6. i have seen several videos of contactless skimming, such as an rfid reader connected to a comp and antenna inside of a backpack. is this method viable? is there any tutorials on where i can learn about this technique?
  7. In which stores can I buy the iphone ... That have little security?... I tried to use payhip but I have not succeeded ... the platform is paypal ... I've been guided by tutorials ... I did not know that I could burn the cc ... I want to make cashout or something in which I can have a result ... as you comment the cc only happens in stores of low security ... I need some method ... Or some store in which that money can happen ... I need help please ...
  8. Are Amex travellers checks AVS? Keep seeing on cc shops amex travellers checks with US addresses but UK as there country. Are they non-avs? Tried googling with no luck
  9. The cards are very good ... my configuration is the best ... ultra clean socks without openports ... email equal to the name of the owner ... The cards pass in donation pages and in apple store ... but I want to buy giftcards in other stores ... but apparently they have high security all ... How can I recognize a low security page? ... I avoid VBV or mastersecuritycheck ... I want to make cashout ... but I run out of ideas. .. I have to pay my house ... I'm in crisis ... I need help please ...
  10. I have good ccs ... all with balances and lives ... but in the stores they decline or cancel but in pages of little security as in the collection they spend amounts of money ... I have tried to buy giftcards in several pages but without success ... I have tried cashout for fundraising pages but pay with several days of differences which gives the owner time to cancel the order ... I would like to know what path I could take to get good money from those ccs ... please thanks
  11. Im looking for spaming partner.
  12. But some website forms need to fill in the state how to fill in?
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