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  1. Chaturbate.com database is required Ready to work with a coder!
  2. Can someone show me a good site to purchase good cards from ?
  3. for example if i live in LAS ANGELES ,CA & the dump is from SACREMENTO,CA or LAS VEGAS, NV...does the drastically effect my approval rate? i normally uses punches and they can work a few cities over (same state) but they are cheap enough for the gamble my dump connect charges $50+ so i need some insight before i waste money and i know my bins also...this is just a location based question
  4. Hello, i need official document french and .psd ID/driver licence and .psd CC Thank's
  5. Bro... Which stores do you recommend to buy iPhones?
  6. I have cards from the United States and the EU .... I need some method or something ... I have both!! I don't understand bro
  7. so as far back as tor has exsisted iv been reading articles on these services but never have i ever seen anything like this. are these really in exsistance that anyone has seen them selfs?
  8. i have seen several videos of contactless skimming, such as an rfid reader connected to a comp and antenna inside of a backpack. is this method viable? is there any tutorials on where i can learn about this technique?
  9. In which stores can I buy the iphone ... That have little security?... I tried to use payhip but I have not succeeded ... the platform is paypal ... I've been guided by tutorials ... I did not know that I could burn the cc ... I want to make cashout or something in which I can have a result ... as you comment the cc only happens in stores of low security ... I need some method ... Or some store in which that money can happen ... I need help please ...
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