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  1. i know,need to know if somones card with this BIN end have good result?because it's poor BIN,some time don't have money on it's
  2. no man CVV,need to know if a good BIN,i know it's postepay
  3. need to know if this BIN 402360 it's a good BIN?Thank you
  4. We started working with the TS, I like everything, an executive and responsible person
  5. acercraft

    i buy cvv

    If you know or sell good cvv then pm
  6. Anyone knows a legit vendor that sells plastics ?
  7. thx 4 feedback but I've tried same cvv on several other shops and works fine! So I think it's IP ban or shop error like you say but not sure :/
  8. I've even tried working cvv with correct billing and still get this message on a shop! Does anyone here have suggestions or give a bin that can defeat this?
  9. 1- Verify by visa checks ip, date and time before making transaction authorized? 2- Is bank able to blacklist some of the e-commerce sites while paying in 3d vbv payment gateway because of high amt of fraud transaction arrived from a specific site?
  10. Hello everyone ... I wanted to know how to correctly use a hacked paypal account.. thanks!
  11. acercraft

    vbv enroll

    How to enroll vbv in uk? ca? eu? what info is needed. do you need same city ip?same state? or just same country? any help is welcome
  12. can anyone tell me some cardable site?I want to card some e-giftcard,I tried G2A&livecards(UK),all failed.really need some help,please wish you guys a lucky day
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