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  1. i need new netflix bin plssss
  2. i talk about shopify not spotify sorry SHOPIFY+STRIPE .... which type of cc for carding the system
  3. Hi everybody! i live in the west of europe and i want try carding a shopify eshop which use stripe payment. When i use the CC from my country it's OK even if in my country we use VBV and 3DS the payment is OK without that. When i try US CC or Canadian CC ... pfff! i fail !!!! i don't want to buy CC of my country. So do you know wich type of CC do i have to buy to succeed?? European CC??? Asian??? Thanks a lot
  4. best seller, thank you for your strength, patience spent on me!) I wish you success)
  5. can someone point me to a site or user that can flood emails
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