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  1. Hello. If you are in the United States of America and you can provide me with maxed out credit cards, I will load funds on the cards and once the fund is available, you withdraw and we split 50-50 There is NO UPFRONT PAYMENT. I will not ask you to pay me anything. Instead you send me 50% after I load the card Please for us to work together, we'll have to trust each other. I will need only the online login of the credit card in order for me to load it. If you are interested, add me up on
  2. need help find a short code sms sending site . plz pm . i pay u . for it if its good and accept btc or cc . but can do well no shutdown
  3. Please help me out as i do not want to be ripped....I want good vendor for UK,US and Canada bank logins....I will compensate if you help me with a good vendors.
  4. Can anyone explain to me what is NFC Software and how does it work??
  5. Looking for 1-2 partners who can make ID and can pick up iphones/macbooks from fedex and ups locations. Any state and prefer partner who has multiple locations for pick ups. I can make 15-30 pick ups weekly. Looking for 1-2 long term partners who can make this happen.
  6. recently picked up his long-awaited package) 7 days of waiting tormented me and finally I have a MacBook
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