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  1. please send me an up-to-date list of available countries at the moment
  2. Any vendor of Super High Quality Combos(email : pass) Here? I'll pay top dollar for them. I also have specifics on the combos but that we would discuss when I confirm and add you up. If you have proof of work, you will love doing business with me because I will pay you super good money!
  3. Let's work! We provide traffic for scam Projects! Looking for honest Partners!!
  4. hey guys, I have virtually unlimited AUS bank accounts that are all setup and verified and ready to go (I get easy access to 100 points of ID due to my line of work). I am looking for TRUSTED bank droppers. 50/50 SPLIT
  5. looking for a partner that can make own IDs for UPS pick up, East Peoria, IL PM ICQ or Telegram
  6. was good I'm new on here and I need help I was wondering if you guys know a good website that sell electronics and ships quickly...and in store pick ups do you have to show i.d? And what's the quickest and easiest way to make good money off c.c? Please pm me if anything thank you
  7. Hello, how to start cooperation with you?
  8. Im wondering what has highest success rates of being completed successfully using cc's. -Instore pickup -Having items shipped to drop address -Site to store pickup Also anyone know of louis vuitton or high end retailers do purchase via phone. Or what. Old school carder new to the cc online shopping world. Tryn to figure out whats my best bet, any comments much appreciated.
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